Thanks to you, it is absolutely magical.  Everyone wants to live here!  (Client)

How would I describe Karen Ford:  creative, decisive, energetic, great sense of humor.  Karen approaches each project with a unique vision and an artist’s eye for texture, color, and composition.  I have observed her working style and marvel at her dexterity with contractors, materials, and clients.  (Landscape Architect)

Karen combines an exquisite plant sense with an architect’s understanding of shape, form, and structure.  Every detail is defined in a project, and she always hits her budget numbers.  Working with her was an absolute pleasure.  (Client)

The ability to design wonderful places requires great vision, sensitivity, skill, and unwavering determination.  Karen Ford excels at all of these qualities, which has made it possible for her to create many beautiful and inspiring places.  She is an exceptional landscape architect, a true master of her art and, in her special way, a unique and inspiring force of nature.  (Architect)

After years of working with Karen, her knowledge of construction and her extraordinary attention to composition and detail continue to impress me.  On a large scale, her gardens harbor a sense of timeless serenity and overall cohesion.  Each garden looks uncontrived, and as though it developed according to its own natural process.  Whether the materials are brick, stone, wood, or plants, her finished projects look like they should be no other way.  (Landscape Architect)

Each time we worked with Karen, the resulting garden was unique and perfectly suited to our taste, lifestyle, and budget as well as to the site itself.  She approaches landscape from a collaborative perspective while still maintaining her own artistic integrity.  Not only does she select a fantastic array of planting materials, she has a profound knowledge of hardscape and construction.  Work in a garden is never finished, and to this day we love having Karen consult on plant selection and maintenance issues.  (Client)

Karen Ford has been an absolute joy to work with.  Her design talent is accompanied by a sincere enthusiasm for all aspects of the projects.  She is able to develop a beautiful landscape design that complements and becomes an integral part of the architectural structures.  The result is a consistency of design where building and landscape are extensions of each other and both are seamlessly fused with, and show appropriate respect for, the site environment.  (Architect)

I spent quite a long while just now, simply sitting on the front steps, and shuffling up and down the path in bare feet.  It’s very beautiful.  The proportions are Goldilocks–not too small, not too massive, just right–and just right for the house.  (Client)